About Gizocorp

GIZOCORP is one of the best in the Industry, taking chances is not why we got into business. When you make use of our services you can be assured that we know what we are doing. With hundreds of happy clients and testimonials, WHY would you even consider using someone else.  

Est. in 2007, we have been in business for just over 10 years. We have moved from the biggest of South Africa's businesses to as small and a one manned office. We have dedicated staff who will go the extra mile to insure that our clients (YOU) are well settled and ready to work. We can do a presentation that will give you an idea of what solutions we can add to your business.

We will complete all changes needed with no down time to your business and with very minimal disruption to your staff. We are the total package, “your turnkey solution at the office”. We are a full service business, established with office, storage and workshop. We have all the needed tools, vehicles and trained staff to handle any project, anytime, anywhere in our sunny South Africa. We guarantee the exclusive use of skilled literate employees for all projects, new installations and relocation's.