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Getting it right from the very start

Bragging Rights

This morning I received a few pictures sent to me by a client with the title “THE A TEAM”

What a moment when knowing that your team is representing not only the company’s legacy but they are also making the company name proud.

I have worked 10 years at building a solid team of guys to assist me in servicing our clients, this year in particular was not a very sustainable year and it came with many obstacles, but we are now at the end of what was a very challenging 2016. After our long but well deserved 4-week holiday break, we will welcome 2017 with open arms to be our year of shining on the top.

Because unlike some of our competitors who either collude or bribe their way into new business, we run a straight and upfront operation with hard working teams who always puts their best foot forward in helping me to guarantee our clients are taken care of.

Being a specialist in a niche market is very hard when you have every man and his van being a mover. Moving or servicing a company comes with a lot of planning and knowing the clients’ need. You cannot just think that it’s as simple as moving a house or home. Getting things right from the start is the crucial bits that could just meant the difference between what is seen as a successful move or NOT!

A successful move does not begin with just getting everything from the old address to the new, but it includes a well-spaced and planned environment that your staff can immediately occupy and work from.

Using a well-trained specialist comes with plenty added bonuses and benefits like knowing the sensitivity that comes with an office move. Understanding that you are not just moving assets but you are effectively moving people too, with any mistake you could negatively affect the profitability aspect of that company and why they wanting to move in the first place.  

Companies in general move for many different reasons, most of the times it’s because the business either outgrew the space currently occupied or they are downsizing. Either one of these reason comes with its own emotional challengers and its key to know how to deal with this emotion, experienced by both the people who are staying and the few who won’t.

Another big “no no!!” is to assume that everyone has at least moved once in their lives, so moving offices is as simple as the last time you moved. Leaving things to chance is not what comes with using GIZOCORP as your move specialist or appointing us with a SLA in place. We will sit down with you to understand the full scope of works and we will share some very useful tips and information that will make your move seem like it was the best thing to happen for your company and for your colleagues.  

So the next time you are thinking of moving offices or you just wish to make so needed changers within the current office space, save our details and give us a call when the time comes.

We will definitely jump to the challenge and remember your choice to move or make changes begin with the first point of connect whether you make use of our services or not, we will be on the job from the very beginning until you officially appoint us and we will hold your hand right to the end.

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