GIZOCORP is a service company that will prove to be an asset to your Business, big or small. GIZOCORP is one of the best in its Industry, we are a service partner in your Office Environment.

Est. in 2007, we have been in business for just under 10 years with around 115 years of joint experience. We can do a presentation that will give you an idea of what a positive contribution we can add to your business.

We will complete all changes needed with no down time to your business and with very minimal disruption to your staff. We are the total package, “your turnkey solution at the office”. We are a full service business, established with office, storage and workshop. We have all the needed tools, vehicles and trained staff to do your work / project. We guarantee the exclusive use of skilled literate Gizocorp employees for all projects and work.


Gizocorp employees are well trained on the assembly & dis-assembly of every range in office furniture, office screens, Chair & furniture repairs. Employing us will cause no lost to supplier guarantees or warranties. 

When you need to upgrade and give the office a new look or feel Call the experts Gizocorp

  1. We are Churn Movement Specialists, who specialize in Office Moves, this includes New & Exiting installations.
  2. We have been in business for just under 10 years with over 100 years’ worth of joint industry experience.
  3. We are not just office movers but we can assist with anything related to working in and office environment


Internal churn requirement, Maintenance as well as Facility Management needs

  • We have all our needed accreditation allowed by industry.
  • We are fully insured for public liability.
  • We are in good standing with
  • (SARS) (TAX & VAT)
  • (COID) (UIF)(PAYE)
  • (SHEQ) & (OSHact)
  • We have a very reputable list of clients who will be more than happy to give your company a reference on us.
  • All our staff is fully compliant, Medicals, PPE and they are permanently employed.
  • All our staff have been trained in-house to help develop their skill for the industry we work in,
  • All our vehicles are fully roadworthy, insured and suited for the industry needs.

We are a 100% B-BBEE Level 1 contributor, And working with your company would be a great honor.