Gizocorp Services

Office Removal

Moving of a business can be a very emotional time for staff and all people involved that is why choosing the correct moving company is crucial and should not be left to chance. Successful office removals are dependent on methodical planning and that is something we are experts at. Everyone working on your office relocation, from the dedicated project manager to the team of highly experienced removal specialist, follow a plan to the tiniest detail, worked out in advance with you, so that your business faces minimal disruption.

We provide skilled and experienced workforce, quality packing materials, weekend removals services,
and a high level of trust so that you can rest assured that your business is relocated in a speedy yet efficient manner.

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Gizocorp Team Installing Power

New Installations

Most office designers use office furniture manufactures from all parts of the world. With this comes the responsibility of honoring a factory Guarantee. We will do the complete installation causing no loss of guarantee to your newly purchased furniture, we can also assure you that your furniture will not be incorrectly installing. We come highly recommended by most top Design Companies and Furniture Manufactures in South Africa and abroad. With new installations we will collect from the factory, warehouse or international transporter and install it according to the customer's requirements or designer’s floor plan.

Office Services and Maintenance 

Design, layouts and building of a new office is not cheap, that is why maintaining the build is as important as keeping the lights on. Not all Companies are the same, this means the needs are different. Let us come in and see you to learn more of the in-house needs you have. We will structure a Service Level Agreement (SLA) that will suit your need and budget.

These agreements will allow for us to either place a small team or a full maintenance team on your site for either, a day a week bases or a by-weekly bases or we could just work out a deal that allows you to have a 2 man, 4 man or 6 men team permanently at your offices to deal with those everyday inconveniences.