Office Services and Maintenance 

Design, layouts and building of a new office is not cheap, that is why maintaining the build is as important as keeping the lights on. Not all Companies are the same, this means the needs are different. Let us come in and see you to learn more of the in-house needs you have. We will structure a Service Level Agreement (SLA) that will suit your need and budget.

These agreements will allow for us to either place a small team or a full maintenance team on your site for either, a day a week bases or a by-weekly bases or we could just work out a deal that allows you to have a 2 man, 4 man or 6 men team permanently at your offices to deal with those everyday inconveniences.

Companies are forced into purchasing new furniture due to damage, 9 out of 10 times there is no need to buy new. All that you will need to do is give us a call and we can quote you on repairs, which will cost a fraction cheaper to buying new.

  1. We will service and clean your office chairs,  
  2. Repair pedestal draws, cupboard door & credenzas 
  3. Make the office a safe place to work in,

What does this include

  • Boxes and Packaging supplied and moved
  • Changing & opening locks
  • Corporate Office Relocation
  • New Office Installations
  • Existing Office Installations
  • Moving of Filing Cabinets
  • Moving of Bulk filers / Ziples
  • Moving of safes (any size and shape)
  • Transportation and deliveries
  • Aligning door, replacing carpets & ceiling tiles
  • Hanging & moving of White Boards, Pictures and Painting
  • Changing existing office layout, as per client's requirements
  • Installing & Moving of Flat Screen TV and Over Head Projectors
  • as well as painting out the entire office, erect dry-walling and change design layouts