Things to consider when getting an Office Removal Costs.

The office removals estimate is the most important aspect of an office move preparation. Office moving estimates are provided from moving companies to clients to give them a better idea of their total service cost. Whether office or house, relocation can be intimidating, especially in the case of a large office set-up where the safety of assets is paramount; for this reason, it is important that clients spend adequate time carefully selecting the right company for this tedious task.

Stress Reduction: While clients can complete an office move by utilizing resources within their own company, it is often not the most viable option; in-house staff is often unqualified for this task and may unwittingly put office assets and personnel at risk. The use of professional moving companies can provide office clients with peace of mind during a daunting office move. If careful planning is completed before a move commences, the entire experience will be seamless and stress-free.

Company Backgrounds: There are several different kinds of moving companies in  South Africa that specialize in office removals, house moves or both. For safety purposes, clients should select a moving company that is skilled in their craft, certified and doing business legally. Office clients should choose a moving company that has a background in office moving as well as a documented history of safety and efficiency. As a practical first step, clients can make a list of companies that are, after thorough research, deemed reputable; after creating this list, clients can begin collecting moving estimates. The use of a reputable office relocation company ensures the safety of office items when removed, in-transit, and re-installed.

Contacting Companies: A successful office relocation project takes care and planning. Estimates give clients a better idea of project costs and keep both parties informed. For cost saving purposes, clients should collect estimates from multiple moving companies; this allows moving companies to compete for a client’s business and helps maintain honestly throughout the process. For large offices and industrial locations, safety is even more critical; in these cases, clients should seek out a moving company that has a reliable history of safe moves. With cheaper not being the deciding factor.

Thorough Disclosure: To receive accurate estimates, clients should provide moving companies with as much information as possible regarding their needs; based on these needs, moving companies will be able to provide valid estimates, although, obviously, these rates will vary from company to company. Being as thorough as possible when providing office details to relocation companies is yet another way clients can receive exceptional service while saving money.

Office Removals: If you are looking for office removals estimates, please contact us.

Gizocorp has more than 10 years’ experience in the business, even though this may be an infant in the industry against some of the dinosaurs. We have moved of the biggest named businesses around South Africa.

Choosing the right moving company is key.


With choosing Gizocorp, you will receive the following.

  • Trained and experienced staff with a joint working experience in the moving industry
  • A professionally listed estimate which will exclude nothing.
  • Our quotes include a full packing service, but it does exclude the packing of personal effects.
  • We provide all the packing material.
  • All our vehicles are closed body vehicles with adequate insurance cover
  • Our staff all adhere to Health and Safety rules and requirements

Step by step from the date you call on us,

  • Introduction Meeting, and site walk through to list all your assets
  • A quotation within 48Hrs depending on how big your move is
  • On appointing us an invoice for the 75% deposit is payable.
  • Once deposit is paid, full planning take effect and packaging materials will be delivered
  • A full move brief will be done with ALL staff effected by the move (VERY IMPORTANT)
  • Closer to your move date our team will arrive to start the packing of unused assets like: dismantling of furniture, bulk fillers/ziples, wrapping of art work, pictures and painting, removing of whiteboards, clearing out stores and just general assistance in your preparation.
  • On the day, trucks and full loading crew will arrive to do your move.
  • Once all furniture is on the new site the rebuilding of desks, bulk fillers/ziples and the placing of all your company assets will happen. All the setting up will be done by our people according to the layout/floor plan that we have received from your design company. To be completed by the agreed date.
  • First morning in the new office we will have a team available to assist with any minor issues that was either overlooked or missed during the move.
  • One week later we will return to rehang all the artwork, pictures, painting, and whiteboards

What we need from you.

1.    Full company details

2.    Name of the designers that you are using

3.    New floor plans/layout for new building (Very Important)

4.    Exiting floor plan/layout of old (If available)

5.    Address of new building for a site inspection

6.    Date move is expected to take place.

7.    Number of current people in the existing building

8.    Intended number of people for the new building

9.    Are we moving and I.T. related equipment? (if so a full list of what that will be)

10. Insurance requirements

Our Promise to you as our client

During your move and even though at time we will have a project leader in charge who will be on your site taking care of teams and planning, as the owner of the business I will be available and personally involved throughout your move my mobile contact details is available at all time for you to contact me at any time of the day, if concerns should arise or if you just need to past a message.

I can assure you that our teams will not leave until all that we have promised to do has been completed to your satisfaction. If we said we will do it, then you can consider it done.