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Moving a office

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Office removals are dependent on methodical planning and that is something we are experts in. Everyone working on your office relocation, from the dedicated project manager to the team are highly experienced removal specialist, who will follow a plan to the tiniest detail, this detail is worked out in advance with you and your project team, so that your business faces minimal disruption. We provide skilled and experienced workforce, quality packing materials, weekend removals services, and a high level of trust so that you can rest assured that your business is relocated in a speedy yet efficient manner

New Office Installations

Most office designers use office furniture manufactures from all parts of the world. With this comes the responsibility of honoring a factory Guarantee. 

office funiture

chair repair

Office Chair Repair Centre

Instead of rushing into buying new chairs just because the gas height does not lift or because the chair is missing a wheel or two. Let us have a look at it for you. For a fraction on the price of buying a new chair 9 out of 10 times we can repair and clean the chairs. Making them as good as new.

office Maintenance

Office services, facility Management

Services are done on an SLA or ad-hoc agreement. This includes, internal moving and design changes, repairs to office furniture & office related equipment, replacing light bulbs, locks & full office maintenance. As well as cleaning and repairing office chairs. The list of what we can do in your office space is endless.

Producing a white box may seem like an easy bare-minimum construction project. But a lot goes into it; all components in this case must be rebuilt to code and completely ready for TIs to be implemented on the interior – and in some cases even light exterior construction. 

White boxing